Environment and Sustainability

Development without destroying the environment is key

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Focus on improvement

Focus on improvement

  • Minimise our negative impact
  • Improve our positive impact
  • Help sustain the planet

Expand, Enrich, Upgrade

We are committed to the environment

The JPM Group is committed to its Environmental Policy and the impact of all its business activities and is focussed to continually minimise its negative environmental impact and improve its contribution to the environment within its own working spaces, vehicles, products, equipment and training.  We are accredited with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).

green environment

  • Expand

    JPM encourages its clients to constantly review procedures and activities in respect of environmental impact and has instigated a number of initiatives and product proposals to further these goals.  We keep abreast of innovation in the market place in the areas relevant to our business with the aim of passing this information on to our clients to help them reduce their own carbon footprint

  • Enrich

    JPM’s ‘enrichment’ plan covers a wide range of activities, processes and resources all of which can affect the environmental footprint we leave behind. 

  • Upgrade

    To continually upgrade and improve the environmental compatibility of the services and consumables we supply which form the backbone of our business


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